What Is Quote Stuffing?

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The financial markets are highly competitive spaces. Often times, there are practices that competing entities engage in that aren’t entirely fair, but, the end goal of making money is achieved by one party.

Traders and investors who usually conduct their trades from behind a desk are often unaware of such practices and their online trading platforms can lead to losses or an unproductive trading day depending on the signals being sent out in the market.


When a trader floods the markets with huge orders of a product with corresponding quotes that will take competitors a long time to process thereby using up valuable trading time, such a practice is known as quote stuffing. This practice basically allows companies to do their trades while their competitors are busy processing a set of numbers that will make them lost a lot of valuable trading time.

Since trading has gone digital and a lot of trading happens on electronic platforms this concept of stuffing is thriving. When people use automated trading platforms such as Fincrowd app, it is easy to send out signals into the market that can be misleading to other traders.

High-frequency programs for trading aren’t illegal. They just execute market actions with amazing speed, thereby reducing instances of latency. However, the practice of stuffing itself is a huge gray area and often times this act of stuffing occurs when traders who have access to algorithmic trading tools send out these misleading signals into the market.


This is obviously a tactic that is employed by people to ensure that they are the ones with the competitive edge and can make the most money. However, the practice can be carried out by huge corporations whose information is usually considered reliable and competitors might not realize that someone is stuffing the market.

Once a market is stuffed with quotes and people are processing the data, the same quotes are withdrawn almost immediately. This is a relatively new practice in the financial markets and gained a lot of traction as online trading became more prevalent. It was in 2010 that the term quote stuffing was coined.

Since markets and financial trades are digital and are conducted over data lines, the practice of stuffing employs flooding these lines with information at such a speed that the lines slow down and there is a latency created until the buffer is drained. Despite the fact that quote stuffing can hamper day-to-day trading, there aren’t any regulations on it just yet.

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24option – Binary Options Trading

24option – Binary Options Trading

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24option is one of the most popular binary options platforms nowadays. This platform offers only two choices, just like any other trading system – Up/Down or Call/Putt however you prefer. There is only one thing you have to do to ensure yourself a win and earning some money, predict the near future. The whole concept of binary options trading is built on ‘betting’. All you need to do is place a bet or trade on a value of an individual stock – will its value increase or decrease over the particular time? Go to top7binaryrobots.com for a full review. If you’re not the expert, and you’re not familiar with the trade market and prices, you will probably need some help. 24option is always there for you. This platform was developed in 2010 and since then it is one of the favorites among the trading platforms. It has certain similarities with the Banc de Binary, and both come from Cyprus, and both exclude certain countries. Banc de Binary and 24option do not accept American and Australian traders yet, but we can only predict that this flaw will be eliminated in the future. 24option supports different currencies, and you can deposit your money in EUR, USD, GBP or Yen currencies. Maximum return rates are a little lower than they are at Banc De Binary, but they are still very realistic and reliable – 89% success rate is one of the features that attracts traders out there.

The thing that differs this platform from the others is the fact that it has multiple account types, each with their own privileges. The best thing of all is that there is Free Demo Account intended for the traders on the beginner level, this way you don’t have to spend your money on the platform before you become a good trader. Other types of accounts are Standard, Gold, and Platinum accounts. As the names suggest the Platinum account has the most privileges, each Platinum account holder has bigger chances of success, much more tips and signals for trading and so on. However, a standard account will be just as good, and you will get a chance to win some money, that doesn’t have to mean millions and billions of dollars, but it will surely keep you entertained and capable of bringing the food to the table. The best thing of all is that you can earn money, without even leaving your computer chair.

One more interesting thing about 24option is that it limits the minimum and maximum investments, this because they don’t want to rob their customers, but they also don’t want for their clients to steal them. The minimum investment is 24 worth of dollars, what a coincidence huh? The maximum amount you can invest is 50 thousand dollars. Minimum deposit you have to make right when you sign up is 250$, but the customer reviews often say it’s worth it. 24options is also available for mobile phones, so you can access your account wherever you are and whatever you do.

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